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What To Expect The Day of Delivery

Courtesy Call

You will receive a call the day of delivery prior to your order’s arrival. If the driver is running late, they will call with a revised time of arrival. 

Assembly, Haul Away, and Trash Removal

Here’s what our team will assemble when we arrive to your home:
  • Beds, bed frames & adjustable bases
  • Dining tables, coffee/cocktail, sofa, and end tables
  • Attach mirrors to dressers, hutches to buffets
  • Attach legs to sofas, loveseats, sectionals, and attach sectionals

Here’s what our team will remove from your home:

  • Old mattress and foundation (must be free of rips and stains, and law tags must be intact), if we are delivering a new set of bedding.
  • Boxes and packaging from any items they unbox.

At your request, our team will also move the furniture you are replacing, as long as:

  1. It’s the same type and number of items as what they’re delivering.
  2. The team is moving the item(s) on the same level of your home (not up or down stairs).
  3. The item(s) can be moved without disassembly or causing damage to your home.

Potential Fees

We want to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs, but unfortunately if you try to cancel or reschedule without proper notice, you may incur fees. To avoid these fees, please request to reschedule or cancel your delivery service at least three hours before the designated delivery time. 

What Not To Expect From Our Delivery Teams

What You Should Not Expect Your Delivery Team To Do

Here are some items you should not expect of your delivery team when they arrive. They will not:
  • Attempt delivery that may cause damage to your home.
  • Hoist furniture from outside the home through a window.
  • Hang pictures or mirrors on walls.
  • Lay rugs that require moving furniture.
  • Take away any items other than replaced mattresses or order returns.

Preparing For Your Delivery

Make Sure It All Fits

Be sure to take the time to carefully measure your furniture and space. Proper measuring is essential for a smooth delivery and setup of your furniture. You should first determine whether your new furniture will fit in the desired room of your home. Then, it is very important to make sure it will fit through doorways, stairways or other entry points. See our Measuring Guide for more information and helpful tips.

Get Rid of Your Old/Current Furniture

Ensure there’s room for your upcoming delivery by removing or moving the furniture you’re replacing. We recommend Habitat for Humanity to collect donations of gently used furniture for their thrift stores.

Rescheduling/Canceling Your Delivery

What Do I Need to Do If I Need to Reschedule or Cancel?

We understand things happen and you may need to cancel or reschedule your delivery. Please call our office at 336.907.8303 to cancel or reschedule delivery. If there is no answer, please leave a message with your name, contact number, and mention that you need to reschedule or cancel your delivery.

Tips For a Successful Delivery

How Do I Make My Delivery Successful?

  • You, or someone over the age of 18, MUST be home to receive your delivery.
  • Have all rooms ready. Existing furniture must by moved and the pathway to the delivery area must be clear.
  • Remove all fragile and valuable objects from the delivery path.
  • Notify your salesperson of any specials details such as the apartment building number, security gates, elevator use, or street access restrictions.
  • Provide any special instructions for rural areas and mountain homes. Our truck may not be bale to get close to your home.
  • Be sure to measure your room and your furniture. Measure doorways, ceiling heights, staircases, and basement access. Some furniture will not fit down stairways or through door openings, or around corners. Our drivers will not force items where they can’t go and risk injury, or damaging your home.
  • Have pets in a secure place away from the delivery area.
  • If you are moving or closing on a new home, do not schedule a delivery until you have the “keys in your hand.”
  • We want your delivery to be a pleasant experience. Following these tips will make your delivery go smoothly and flawlessly!